The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association [NZCTWA] is a MOH recognised Self - Regulating trade group devoted to protecting public safety

Dealing with a NZCTWA Registered Teeth Whitening Practitioner displaying NZCTWA Certification is your assurance that you're dealing with a trained, qualified and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner or vendor who takes a pride in the quality of their service and care

NZCTWA members practitioner theory training for registration


Please Note:
The Registered Practitioners training offered by the NZCTWA is solely for those already in the industry who are paid up Members of the NZCTWA, or wish to join the Association and become a NZCTWA Registered Practitioner… BECOME A MEMBER

The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association (NZCTWA) does not train newcomers into the industry;
Such PRACTICAL training and mentoring is usually provided by a Franchisor, Licensor, or equipment supplier who should train you in the correct and safe use of their particular system.

Or, if you are new to the Industry, NZ based Training School for newcomers.

Because we have seen some very serious outcomes as a result of poor training, we strongly advise you not to buy any equipment from any supplier who does not provide such ‘one-to-one’ personal training & mentoring. 

Note: Hands on mentored training is a compulsory requirement for NZCTWA Practitioner Registration.

We consider DVD/Video/workbook/over-the-phone training is unsatisfactory and professionally inadequate as there are serious teeth and mouth conditions you need to be shown by an experienced professional trainer and taught what to do.

This is because there are numerous ‘cheap toy’ LED systems touted on the internet, some no more effective than shining an LED torch in someones mouth and therefore a total waste of your money.

Moreover, in our experience, only a few such suppliers give adequate training in the use of their system and this has been a cause of client complaints – THIS TAINTS THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY

That is why to become a NZCTWA Registered Practitioner your supplier must be able to supply you with a SUPPLIERS CERTIFICATE

What is even more concerning to the NZCTWA is cheap ineffective ‘non-professional’ systems produce poor results when compared to professional systems, hence, clients can be disappointed. There is a difference between Brightening teeth and Whitening Teeth. THIS ALSO TAINTS THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY. See – What to look for when buying equipment


The Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Registered Practitioner Training Course is designed to provide members with comprehensive professional training in the practise of SAFE Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and is for one full day of solely theory; the onus is upon equipment & franchise vendors to provide the practical training & mentoring side of your business and they must supply certification that you are adequately trained qualified to safely use the equipment and whitening gel system they have provided you with

The Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner Training Course is designed to provide members with comprehensive professional training in the practise of safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Training courses operate with professional contributions of the Dentists, Chemists, Researchers & Global Teeth Whitening experts of some of the World’s foremost Teeth Whitening authorities

Once the NZCTWA Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioners course has been completed to the satisfaction of Association’ s Executive Training administrator, the member may become registered with the NZCTWA as a “NZCTWA Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner”


1. You should provide a suppliers certificate from your equipment and whitening gel supplier as proof that you have been adequately trained by them to use your machine correctly and apply the whitening gel safely.

2. Must already be a Certified Full member of the NZCTWA or have completed an Application for Certified Membership on the official NZCTWA Membership Application Form.

The Theory Training

  • How Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Works
  • An overview of the science and technology behind cosmetic teeth whitening
  • Anatomy of a tooth
  • Understanding the oral cavity as it relates to cosmetic tooth whitening
  • Risks, side effects and safety controls
  • Common Staining Types and how to treat them
  • Identifying Cracked Teeth, compromised fillings, crowns, veneers & cavities
  • Identifying Gum diseases such as Gingivitis, Periodontitis and the like
  • Teeth Sensitivity; How to control and eliminate any discomfort
  • Treatment Procedures and protocols
  • Overview of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Systems and Materials
  • Carbamide Peroxide vs Hydrogen Peroxide
  • DIY home bleaching kits
  • Informed Consent forms
  • Identifying unsuitable clients
  • Saliva Control
  • Post Procedure Care and Maintenance; 24-hour White Diet
  • Storing The Whitening Gel
  • Hygiene/Cross Infection Control
  • Communication with your client
  • NZCTWA Code Of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice

Practical Training and Mentoring
The onus of PRACTICAL training and mentoring in the use of your equipment is upon the Franchisor/Vendor supplier of your system

At the end of the course:
You will be awarded a framed NZCTWA Certificate of Training to hang on your clinic wall AND a Certificate of Registration and its logo to use with your marketing

Media Release 29th Aug 2011 – NZ First to Register Independent Teeth Whitening Practitioners

PRACTITIONERS following their induction at the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Associations special award ceremony held in Auckland on Saturday 27th August 2011.
NZCTWA Secretary and Training & Compliance Practitioner Training & Compliance Executive Mr Bruce Forlong (Bottom 3rd from RHS)
President Mr JJ Joshi (Bottom centre); Vice President Mr Matt Mc Farlane (Bottom 3rd from LHS)

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In New Zealand, the NZ Governments Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) (formerly ERMA) has established Public Safety Standards for the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening products suppliers and practitioners of our industry
- see NZCTWA media release and full ERMA Public Safety Rules.
- New Zealand Law


Dealing with a NZCTWA Registered Teeth Whitening Practitioner displaying NZCTWA Registration is your assurance that you’re dealing with a professionally trained, qualified and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner who takes a pride in the quality of their service and care.

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